Monday, May 6, 2013


  If I was a cat this would be my self portrait too.  

We did not have anything special to do today.  We got the mail in Friday from our mailbox service so we needed to take care of stuff in town.  Well one of the things was the post office.  We went into a very small town.  How small did you ask?  It is so small that the post office is in a motel office.  Yes!  A motel officeWe thought that our GPS was a little wacky, but there was the big US flag and a big sign letting us know we were at the right place.  I would have taken a pic, but I did not take my camera with me.  That will teach me.

There was something else that happened on our little trip that I wanted to blog about, but I can't remember.  I told Rog to remind me, but he is older than I am so that didn't work out at all. 

I am working on some wood burning things to give as a gift on our Maritime trip.  We were told we needed to have a little something, so I will see if this is going to work and it gets rid of stuff in our little house.    It may be so bad that I have to burn it in a camp fire instead, but I will try. 

We got a new bird feeder.  I will see how long it takes Pennsylvania Steve to chew it up.  I am also going to put out some nettle seed for the small birds and see how that works out.      

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