Thursday, May 9, 2013

This is what the area looks like as you enter the resort.  Last time we were here it was in the Fall and this was head high (mine anyway) in corn and they were just beginning to harvest it.  Now you can see the little green stocks in the field.
It is so pretty here with the old homes and big old farms. 
We are new parents.  Meet the little family. 
these are Americans now because they were born here so now what do we do with the parents.  LOL
This is a female Cardinal.  She is still pretty, but not as bright.
Taking off.



   He is always talking while he is around.

  In flight
The house finches are pretty too.
Matches the feeder
This is the female Goldfinch.

Himself the bright one
Crackle I think.  How shiny and bright.
   This is a Robin sitting on some eggs.  This nest is in the tree at our sight with all the feeders we put in it.  I am sure they were really happy when we showed up and processed to rearranged the neighborhood.
    And of course we could not end the bird feeder pix without this "fuzzy bird".  I got up too late to get pix of him in the feeder, but it was all askew and empty so I know he was there.  He leaves it alone most of the day and arrives in the early morning.

    Our for a walk and came upon these two.


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