Thursday, June 27, 2013

I must fix the blog from yesterday.  We kayaked in Rhode Island not Connecticut and Massachusetts. 

No pix because for this blog.  There are many reasons, but a few are:  we did nothing so no pix, the day was gray and rainy, .....

We all got up very early and got ready to have Rog take the RV in for the hose replacement and fix appointment. 

Laura and I stayed home in the screened in rooms and cars with the cats and dogs.  It was cooler than the first time.  This time it was almost cold and rainy.  There are more mosquitoes than there have ever been before with all the rains.  Even after spraying ourselves with anti-mosquitoe  stuff those trips we have to take to the bathroom are very dangerous.   It even began to rain enough for us to move to our vehicles to wait the time out. It just was not a good day for us girls.  

It took a longer time to do the fix on the RV too.  Rog stated that the noise he heard was a metal on metal sound and he was not sure that the replacement of a hose would be the right fix.  He was told that these noises are very hard for the lay person to discern and he should let the professionals do their jobs.  Well guess what, their fix was not the fix.  He was hot when he came back to the camp.   We have to take the RV back to the shop on Monday.  This time I will help them understand the problem we are having.  With this being our home it is hard to have this stuff done.  It is suppose to rain on Monday too.  I will be taking the dogs with me even if they are allowed or not.  This is on them this time so they will have to buck up buttercup and accommodate me.   

With all this repair stuff going on and us having to put off fun stuff with Laura she has decided to cut her time with us and head bad home.  We do not blame her I would rather be somewhere else than with a couple of upset cats in a small screened room in the rain.  

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