Tuesday, June 18, 2013

If you look way at the top of the refrigerator we will find a stuffed Dumbo, an assortment of baseball hats, and Neo ( Laura's cat).  He used the guitar as stairs to climb up there.  He has been sleeping up there for some time now.  It is going to be very interesting to see how he manages to get down and what he breaks doing it. 
Neo close up.

We headed out this morning to try out Rog's new seat for the kayak.  We tried to find the exact setup the guy told us about yesterday, but they do not sell them anymore, I guess.  The guy at the store thought it was a neat idea though.  Rog got something else.  What it is, is a seat you would use to sit on benches at a stadium or something like that, but very pliable.  The seat on Rog's kayak broke when someone used it back in the day.  He tried to fix it with a shoe string, but not so good, but that is what he has been using.  

The day started out with clouds.  I decided I did not need to go out in my kayak because I was hurting a bit and they were just testing things out.  So Rog and Laura got their boats down off the cars and into the water.  Rog tried his seat out on dry land so he would be able to make  any adjustments that may needed.  I also got in his kayak with the new drop in set to try it out.  Not so good for me because it would rub under my arms as I paddled.  But the seat is very easy on the back and a nice sit.  Rog wanted to get out in the water and paddle a lot to make sure he liked it. 

So I waved goodby and grabbed my knitting.  I was really getting into the rhythm of the pattern when I soon heard little pitter patters on the roof of the car.   Yup , it had started raining.  It reminded me of the time Greg, Rog and I paddle down the Otter Tail River in Minnesota.  I will never forget that river trip.  We never laughed so much nor got so wet.  We had to bale a bit out of the kayaks even.  LOL  That time there was lightning and torrential rain for a long time.  This time a light rain with no lightning.  Rog was not too far out and got back fast.  Laura on the other hand was at the other end of the pond.  We could not even see her coming in for quite some time she was so far  out.  In the mean time Rog and I put the kayak up on our car.  Rog "let" Laura put her kayak up while he sat in the dry car.  In the time we put the kayak up we both got pretty wet ourselves, but Laura was soaked. 

The test drive went well and Rog really likes his new seat.   

  Neo finally woke up and headed down.  There were a few attempts and then he decided to just go off the front.

  Using only, we hope, the soft parts of his paws he eases down more.  Oh no gravity!!!

   Lands on all fours safe and sound.

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