Friday, June 28, 2013

This is the ruins of a thread mill factory in Thompson, Connecticut.  It was built in 1862.  They made silk and cotton thread in many factories around this area back in the day.  This is located quite close to our current location and we drive by it all the time.  I think it is cool looking and wanted to share with you. This piece of property is currently up for sale. 
We headed into Holden, Massachusetts today.  Holden is the town where Rog's grandparents and father lived.  We went to the library and was directed to the research lady in the basement.  Nancy was very helpful and we learned a lot about the home and the Mitchells from tax records and such.  We stayed at the library for a couple of hours and enjoyed every minutes learning and exchanging info.  Before we left to explore Holden we knew the street that his grandparents lived on, but not the house number.  And we had pix of the home to compare homes to.  We are so glad we talked with Nancy because the house has been totally changed from the pix we have of it.  The house happen to be a couple of houses up from the library.  She is going to do more research for us and mail all of the copies to Laura.  We offered to pay for postage and copies, but she insisted this is what they do and no charge.
We were told that the top floor of the library was the high school until they reached 40 some students and they had to build a new school.  This is the library.  The trees are so big around it that could not get a very good pic of it.  
Nancy looked up info from the tax records that has Asa and Olive Mitchell owning this home in 1919.  She has them living there before this date, but there were no tax records so she thinks they may have rented to own.  Asa and Olive were on the US census that shows them married and living in Holden in 1910.

She said the tax records showed them owning acreage, barn, poultry housing, shed and a very big house around 3,000 sq. ft.   

  This is a pic of the Mitchell family home taken 1950's

This is the same house later with the tree all growing up
This is the house now.  We think it is an apartment house.
I decided it would be great to leave a wheel chair lap robe for Massachusetts in Holden.  This is the Nursing home we picked.  The staff was great.  They told me that they were housed in the old Holden hospital.  I am not sure of the date it was built, but Rog's father may have been born here.   

We are enjoying the fireflies.  Last night Laura had her own little lantern in the house.  LOL
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