Wednesday, June 12, 2013

We got up around 4:30 AM went to the train station. Hopped on the subway and hooked up with our tour in the Big Apple.  It was a beautiful day with sun and a little breeze.  Yesterday was rain all day and they are predicting rain all day tomorrow.  We hit is just right.  The train ride was wonderful. It was an hour and thirty minutes give or take a few and we rode right along the Hudson River the whole way.  Met a fellow knitter and had a great conversation and she even gave me a knitting gift.  The country was beautiful the whole trip.  Got into Grand Central Terminal, it was really wonderful and great architecture.  Rode the subway to Time Square.  Wow the city is great.  Met up with the tour and had a wonderful time.  We went everywhere and saw it all.  We got back on the train and home at 8:00PM.  What a day.  We are packing to leave for Vermont in the morning.  I have so many pix I have to wait until tomorrow or so to sort through them all and pic the best to share.  We had a great time in the Big Apple.  If this does not make sense please stay tuned and I will fix it. LOL  I am soooo tired right now. 

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