Friday, July 5, 2013

boat trip

We headed out today to Bath, Maine.  We arrived there after Don.  This is were to met and got the tickets for the trip and they had a wonderful museum about the shipping in the area.   

These are the pix of the museum.

Steam sloop-of-war USS Kearsarge.  Launched (ct 5,1861 and commissioned Jan 24, 1862.

This is a sculpture of the USS Kearsarge to actual dimensions of the original ship.

This diorama depicts shipyard along the Kennebec River in 1919.

Clipper ship Snow Squall built 1851


Now the boat trip.  We headed out on the Kennebec River for the Atlantic Ocean to see lighthouses and any wildlife that was out there. 


These lighthouses are on the Kennebec River for navigation and were all built in 1889.

  These were the bell towers .  The bell was on the pole sticking out and was rang when the fog was out every four hours.  


These were little lighthouse for a special part of the river and you can see another back in the trees.  These lighthouses are all manned, lit, by the Coast Guard, but the buildings and structures are taken care of by organizations, towns, or people.  

Another light house  

 And an other.

   Island town

  Sea lions on a rock.

Osprey on the nest on a buoy in the middle of the river.  "Just keep on moving people."  

   They figure this nest is used year after year because of the light.  Keeps the nest warm.  You can see the light in the middle of the nest.  

Bald Eagle is sitting near by his nest.
Nest with baby Bald Eagle. 

We had a great day.  We spent 3 hours on the water.  The waters got a little rough when we got to the open sea.  The captain skillfully maneuvered our water craft around and we then headed up river again.  It was a great afternoon. 

Tomorrow we are up and out to go inland to visit my cousin Dorthy.  I can not remember see her it has been that long ago.    
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