Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 12 of 49

A tidal bore is a tidal phenomenon in which the leading edge of the incoming tide forms a wave (or waves) of water that travels up a river or narrow bay against the direction of the river or bay's current.  The word bore derives through Old English from the Old Norse word b├íra, meaning "wave" or "swell".

Bores occur in relatively few locations worldwide, usually in areas with a large tidal range (typically more than 20 ft between high and low water) and where incoming tides are funneled into a shallow, narrowing river or lake via a broad bay. The funnel-like shape not only increases the tidal range, but it can also decrease the duration of the flood tide, down to a point where the flood appears as a sudden increase in the water level. A tidal bore takes place during the flood tide and never during the ebb tide.

Two key features of a tidal bore are the intense turbulence and turbulent mixing generated during the bore propagation, as well as its rumbling noise 

Today the most of the caravan peeps went on one of these inflatable boats and rode the tide.  They said it was the greatest and everyone should do this.  I stayed back and took 600 pix of the event, no I will not be posting all of them LOL.   I decided that it was not worth ruining my brace.  After see the peeps after the wild ride I was right.  They were covered wet from head to toe and mud was there too.  

The crew getting the boats ready.

   If you wanted you were given rain gear and boots.  These did not help keep the water off of you, but did keep you warmer after you were wet.  They said the water temperature was about 72 but with the water movement and friction it could get warmer.  They were also given  a PFD. 



They are taking the boats to the Shubenacadia River.  This is before the tide comes in.
  Rog is signing his life away so he can go on this ride. 

  They put 7 per boat and this is Rog's crew before they got all dressed for the ride.  You can see Rog has his camera on his head.  The movie turned out great.  BUT about half way through the it got knocked sideways when a wave came and knocked Rog into the boat.  I guess the other people, not with our group, a couple of them fell of their boats or jumped, yes jumped out of it and had to be rescued.  Dumb.  They were plucked out of the water in a matter of minutes and all was fine. 

   Getting all dressed up for the ride.

   All dressed and ready to go.  Rog's boat load with their driver and guide.

   Heading down the boardwalk to the waters edge for the boat.  The waters edge when they get back from their wild ride will be where the guide is standing.

  No more board way.

   Getting in the boat.

   Their off.  

   There were a total of 10
 boats that went out.  They were out in this holding pattern for some time.  My understanding was that the tide was a bit late.  They say the longer is takes to get to this point the bigger the tide.  We were also told the tide was about 42 feet today.  This does not mean the waves were.  What you see will be covered in water.  When the tide starts to coming these boats will turn to your right and go up river 6 miles turning and twisting to maximize the wetness of the people in the boats.


   The tide is just starting to come up Shubenacadia River here.  You can just start to see a white wave in center of pic.  They say this water is moving about 30 kph.  Let's see to convert for my peeps in the US that would be, humm.  Oh yeah, they have an app for that, 18.5  mph.   This river will fill up rather rapidly from this point on.  I will move from where I am to seven miles up river to an observation deck on pillars of an old railroad bridge.

   This is Angus, a Newfoundland puppy.  This will give you an idea of the observation platform.  You can see on of the pilings across the way.  There were about 30/40 of us out here.  The view was great and we had a couple of young men explaining what was happening and to answer our questions.  Nice.


Before tide

After tide.  Well really not it is still coming up, but not a rapidly .   This is were the boat ride ended for our group.  They turned around there and headed back to whence they came all wet and very happy. 

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