Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 5 of 49

 I am going to write of our experiences today, but not sure if I can publish because the internet is slow and not all the great here.  No pix, which is sad.

We have traveled about 150 mile to Hopewell Cape New Brunswick.  Here we are going to experience the highest tides in the world and because of this we get to walk the floor of the ocean!!!  But before that we passed through some beautiful country ( you will hear a lot of the from me on this trip) and many small villages and one of those was Alma.  There we stopped and ate lunch by the waters edge, well it would have been if it was high tide.  But at low tide the big lobster and clam boats were all sitting in mud and rock.  Way off in the distance in the water there were boats fishing, but they would be coming in around 8 PM because of the tide.

We came into the campground, set in the pine trees with water all around in the form of lakes and a bay.  Our spot is right on the waters edge, but so many beautiful trees you can hardly see it.  We were taking some things out of the car to set the rig up and I left the keys in the ignition and the lock button got pushed and doors shut and we have to spare. And of course the car is parked too close to the rig to slide the slide out.  Oh yes, there is no cell phone signal for any phone company here to call for help. Things do come in threes you know.   So we wait for the tail gunner to come into camp for help.  I am pretty sure he can because I know that he has O-Star and if he has a signal with them they can unlock our car from where ever in the sky the "unlock guy" is.  LOL  Well it worked like a charm.  And in a flash it was unlocked.  I love O-Star.  

Soon after we got here the wind started to blow which was great because in the sheltered areas the mosquitoes were.  And in the night it started to rain.  Hoping things clear up nicely because we are off to the bottom of the ocean!!!! 

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  1. Who are your wagon master and tailgunners?
    Hope you have a great time, wish we were your tailgunners.