Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 6 of 49

Rog and I got up early and headed out to eat and decided while we were up and out to do some exploring on our own.  So we headed to a light house in the area.  Cape Enrage is the name.  On the trip there we took a side trip to a marsh area and saw some ducks mom and 8 babies and some other birds,  The area is beautiful and the wild flowers are something else around here.  It was getting foggy as we were getting closer to the light house which gave the area an interesting feel and look.  Just before the light house we stopped at a beach area for pix.  The sand grains were 2 pounds each.  LOL big rocks all flat and looked as if they were professional placed there to make a floor.  It was quite a sight.  We got to the lighthouse, but had not walk around because we had to get back to the rig to head to the ocean floor.  Low tide was a coming.  

At  noonish we headed out  for Hopewell, New Brunswick to walk on the bottom of the ocean!!!  Rog and I wanted to kayak around this area at high tide so he went off to talk with the kayak people.    I was talking with a young guy at the overlook just before the 99 steps down to the bottom,  Asked if he was part of an organization like the Boy Scouts in the states.  OOPS on my part he works there and is 26 years old.  He looked so young, but at my age everyone is looking younger and younger.  LOL  He was very nice and informed me of a spot to go to the floor of the ocean that was only 22 to steps down, but a little bit of a walk to and the back when leaving the bottom.  So I found Rog, at the kayak shack, right near the 22 steps down.  It was so much easier.  It was amazing to walk around the flower pots.  They are the little tiny islands of sandstone that have not eroded away with plants and trees on top.  They look like earthen pots sitting on the ocean floor with plants in them, flower pots.  There is rock on the floor of the ocean,a gravel size rock, sand and this red slippery red mud waiting for you to walk on.  The longer the slipper red mud is exposed to the air it gets dry and much easier to walk on. 

Well back to the kayaking.  The guys at the kayak shack said the trip they give was full, but we could launch our kayaks near theirs and they did not mind if we tagged long, but because of liability reasons we could not be apart of the group.  He also said we did not want to be because his group was full of first time kayakers and they would be bumping into us.  LOL  So around 6:30 in the evening we set up our kayaks were they had theirs and were told in about 20 minutes our boats would be in the water.  And sure enough here comes the water.  We did put our kayaks about 4 feet in front of theirs so we were out kayaking way before them.  We were sitting in our boats in the red sand and dirt and 15 later the water was lapping around it.  And then we were floating and on the way to the flower pots.  We stayed out about and hour to an hour and a half.  We needed to get out and boats up on cars before the park closed or we would have to wait on the kayak group to get out which was too late for us.  We had a great time and so glad Rog kept hunting for a way to get the boats in the water.  And his hunt was right there at the park and it was free.  What luck!!  The park kayakers said it was the best night for kayaking they had seen in a long time.  The water was calm and the weather was great. We also saw a dolphin jumping around our there.

Again internet is so slow for pix and I do not have the time.

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