Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 8 of 49

Today we got on a tour bus and traveled a bit around the island.  Here we are at the wharf and our guide is giving us a demo of lobster fishing.  He is holding Larry the Lobster.  He is showing us how they determine if the lobster is big enough to be a "keeper".  Also they determine if they are canners, the smaller ones, or are for market, the larger ones.  They throw all the ones that are too small and any females with eggs back into the bay.

  We are between lobster seasons so no boats bringing in their catches. 

   One of the 60 or so light houses on the island.  There was an old gentleman that lives next door, in fact Rog is standing on his deck to take this pic, that fished for lobster back in the day long ago. I guess he comes out to visit with every tour bus.  He was quite the guy.  Talking with everyone and very jolly.  
   We then headed to Prince Edward Island National Park to get a look at the red cliffs and red sand beaches.  It was a bit breezy out there.
   This is what it looks like without us in the way, much better right?  So pretty with the blues of the water and sky, reds of the cliffs, and greens of the grass.  The grass is really fields of wild flowers of all colors. 

   We then headed to Anne of Green Gables' house.  This is set up to look like the house in the stories, inside and out.  It is so pretty there.  With gardens and all.  
  These are the wagon masters.  As you can imagine Anne had red hair that was in braids and wore a straw hat.  Susie is dressing for the part.   

  I have read about this, but have never seen one.  Back in the day in some cultures, not sure which,  when a person died in the family you would take locks of hair and weave them into wreaths and place them in the first room of the house for all to see.  This one I was told is a lock of hair of several members of the same family put together.  The family was the Cavendish family that is very well known on the island.   
  The next stop was this place.  This gentleman started here making preserves, jellies, jams and such.  See, hear, smell and taste Canada's finest preserves being prepared for market. It is a  renovated 1913 butter factory.

  Just one of the stained glass windows in the restaurant. 

  This was my meal of chicken crepe with cheese and broccoli, salad with an amazing dressing and cake.  

   This place is owned by a very proud Scotsmen so Rog is trying to fit in. 

We then toured the area learning about the industries and looking at the country side.  I will add pix as we travel around the area in the next few days.  It is very beautiful.

We are off to the stock car races, yippy.  I will not have any pix of that because #1 boring and #2 night time.  I am going with a big smile on my face because I am sure Rog goes places he is not all that thrilled to go.  It has been sunny in the low 80s with a nice breeze, but it is looking like some rain maybe heading this way so will may miss the race.  (insert sad face here LOL) 

Well it did rain, but our friends and Rog just sat there, yes while it was raining and the announcer kept saying the weather report says that there is a clearing soon and we should be able to race for a while.  These racing people, the racers and the spectators alike, are something else.  I just got my knitting out and kept busy.  We did get to visit with some locals which was great fun.  One couple had a son and grandson racing so we had someone to cheer for.  I would usually picked the prettiest car.     

Here some that got together on the track.  They did not fly that yellow flag much at all here.  

We are having a great time still!!!!
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