Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 11 of 49

Terry and Jim

We headed out this morning to Hilden, Nova Scotia.  It was over cast, which it the kind of weather Rog likes to travel in best.  We got to the park and all set up and the skies opened up and it has rained like cats and dogs since.

The Hilden Volunteer Fire Dept.  put on a wonderful dinner for us tonight.  Pork chop, slaw, potato salad, apple sauce, green salad, and strawberry short cake.  It all was so very good.  This is a very small community and so very friendly.

The trip here was uneventful, which is the way we like them.  The country is beautiful.  The bridge was long still, 9 miles, and no wind.

They are going to the tidal bore in the morning.  Rog is going on the fast moving ride. 


These are pix of Prince Edward Island on our way off the island.  I love this bottom pic because it is so pretty.  It also shows the crop rotations they are to do by law.  It is potatoes and a grass of some kind.  They are very regulated there, but it saves the island soil.  

We are getting ready to leave the park on the Island.  In this pic Rog is giving Betty, our tailgunneress (LOL), the key card that opens the car gates to this campground.  She is making sure each and every one of us returns them.  If we do not the campground will charge us for them.  


This is our little group of rigs that travels down the road together when we go from place to place.  We are stopped at the rest stop/information center.  We are first, then Terry and Jim, and then Don. 

This blog is a bit disjointed because the internet is a bit disjointed.  I could not get this going earlier so I could not sleep for some reason and am up at 4 so decided to give the internet another try.  It is going pretty good now so will get as much done as possible and hope for the best for today's pix and words.  Earlier I couldn't even get the words to load. 

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