Friday, October 11, 2013

Day 6 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

We have been busy having fun and enjoying ourselves and when it come time to do the blog I am so tired.  LOL  It is a good tired.

So we had some exciting times Wednesday morning because about 20 balloons landed in the field right at the end of where we parked our rv's and some even had to land among us.  A lot of the rv's in this area left on Sunday night, some people have to work, so there was space for the balloons to land. 

Basketball, Brazil
Rocket Boy, Brazil


They are landing in the field at the end of where we are camped.
The back of Little Wizard, Brazil, and Kay's Winddancer II, Wisconsin.

The front of Little Wizard
Maharani, Little Rock, CO

Lily, New Mexico

Squirt, Australia big and tall waiting for is chase crew to put him in a bag.
Squirt, Australia going down. 


Cutie Dink, New Mexico

competition  There is a target in the field.  The balloons come in and drop a beanbag thingy with a flag on the end.  The closest to the bulls eye is the winner. 

Chase Crew from South Dakota, Crew Chief from Colorodo. Pilot from California 

Tiger Paw Express, Hallsville, MO  Rog is helping hold the basket in place waiting for the crew to come.  The big white tent in the background is Adventure Caravans entertainment tent.  We meet there in the morning for breakfast and events in the evening. 

This one landed in the camp area.  You can see our setup in the background. 


Lily Little Bee in the middle from Jeffersonville, VT.  Joey Little Bee on your right from Albuquerque,NM

Hummingbird, Brazil

Landing everywhere

Landing  remember this all happening in the field at the end of our row in the campground area.

Rog is holding the crown while the other two are "squeezing" the air out.

Air is almost out
Now they are putting it all in the bag

Rog is helping hold the crown of another balloon.  He was having a busy day

They are pushing the air out. 

I am a bit behind so will fill you in as time goes on.  I may be catching up when we get to AZ.

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